Taylor Swift Back To Work On New Music, Likely Has No Time For Tinder

New tunes: This is what we came for.
Taylor Swift and model Martha Hunt appear during New York Fashion Week on Friday.
Taylor Swift and model Martha Hunt appear during New York Fashion Week on Friday.

Today in your Taylor Swift News Roundup, we have word that the model whisperer and one-half of the expired PR stunt known as Hiddleswift is working on new music. 

Gigi Hadid, who walked in the Tommy Hilfiger show at New York Fashion Week on Friday, thanked her friend Swift for taking the time (aren’t we all so busy?) to show her support at the event.

“She’s obviously such a great friend, and you know she is starting to go back to work in the studio again, and really made time to be here for me, and I am so grateful for that,” Hadid told Entertainment Tonight backstage.

Back to work! In the studio! We suppose it’s about time; October will mark two years since Swift’s last album, “1989,” came out, and pop stars tend to separate albums by three years. 

If that’s the case, Swift almost certainly doesn’t have time for online dating, despite an Instagram caption by another model friend, Martha Hunt. 

“Tinder,” Hunt wrote, adding, “Jk chill.”

Tinder. 😂😂😂😂 Jk chill

A photo posted by Martha Hunt (@marthahunt) on

Swift herself captioned the same photo, “Looking up videos of kittens hugging each other, probably.” 

Notably, the singer has not been on a songwriting hiatus since her last album. She wrote a hit single, “This Is What You Came For,” for ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. Someone, somewhere thought it’d be fun to play that song at the fashion show on Friday, and Swift filmed herself and Hunt singing along. 

She posted a video of the performance to Instagram:

Does it mean something? Is she sending a message to her ex? Is she staking a rightful claim to the song? Is it actually telling us she feels dead inside?

Stay tuned. This has been your Taylor Swift News Roundup.



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