Taylor Swift Finally Reveals Her Belly Button In A Bikini Because She's Fearless

Taylor Swift Finally Reveals Her Belly Button Because She's Fearless

Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift's belly button! Well, welcome to Instagram, anyway.

For a long time now, Swift's belly button has been shrouded in mystery. Is it an inny? Is it an outy? Does it even exist? Now, all your burning questions have been answered. While hanging out in Maui with the ladies of Haim, Swift posted this bikini picture revealing her belly button for the first time:

OK, maybe it's not the first time we've ever seen Swift's elusive navel, but it's certainly the first time in a while. The singer previously told Lucky Magazine there's a reason she keeps her belly button hidden. "When you start showing your belly button then you’re really committing to the midriff thing. I only partially commit to the midriff thing," Swift said.

Besides dropping her fear of commitment to the midriff, the singer also got in some "hiking with the squad" ...

Got her whale watching on ...

(Oh, so that's how you whale watch.)

... And then decided her midriff had enough fun for one day.

"She's always wearing, like, a 1950's bathing suit."

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It's the perfect end to a long day of showing her belly button incredible things.

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