Taylor Swift Called 'Boring' By Harry Styles: Comment Reportedly Caused Huge Blowup Fight & Split

Taylor Swift Dumped Harry Styles Because He Called Her 'Boring'

While we all knew Taylor Swift's fondness for baking cookies and behaving herself made her pretty incompatible with Harry Styles, it also may have been the reason they split up.

What were they fighting about exactly? According to a new report from Us Weekly (via Hollywoodlife), sources say that Swift, 23, decided to abruptly end their vacation in the British Virgin Islands after Styles, 19, called her boring. Sources told the magazine the couple was constantly fighting and on one occasion, when Styles left Swift alone on a yacht, he returned and told her:

"I went to get drinks without you because you’re so f--king boring.”

Styles' comment reportedly caused Swift to storm off, and the relationship was over after that. The cruel comments apparently went both ways however, as it was previously reported that Swift had told Styles, "you’re lucky to even be with me,” when she complained that he wasn't spending enough time with her.

Right after the breakup, Swift posted a cryptic tweet, which makes more sense if Styles did, in fact, call her boring:

...'til you put me down.

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) January 6, 2013

And while earlier reports that claimed the couple split up because Styles wanted to go out to bars and clubs, while Swift was more interested in talking about antiques, seemed ridiculous at the time, it now seems like a possibility.

Given that Styles has been known to hit the clubs, and even partied with a stripper for his birthday, we can't say we're surprised it didn't work out with a girl who told Esquire:

"I don't drink much alcohol. If it doesn't taste like candy or sparkles, I usually don't drink it."

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