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Taylor Swift's Song And Dance With 6-Year-Old Boy With Cancer Will Totally Brighten Your Day

Jordan Lee Nickerson just got the surprise of his life.

The 6-year-old, who is currently at Boston Children's Hospital undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia, was greeted by a very special guest over the weekend: his favorite singer in the world, Taylor Swift.

In the video above, Swift and Jordan sing and dance together, the boy grinning widely and grooving to the beat.

“I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift but this is the cutest thing ever,“ wrote one YouTuber after watching the clip.

During her visit, Swift and Jordan, who has Williams syndrome -- a rare genetic disorder that results in developmental disabilities and cardiovascular problems -- also talked superheroes and played air hockey.

“[Taylor Swift’s] an amazing person that brightened our sunshine’s day!” the boy’s family wrote on Facebook.

Swift is well-known for the effort she makes to spend time with her fans.

In March, the Grammy Award-winning singer spent nearly five hours with young fans and their families at New York Hospital Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. About a week later, the 24-year-old did the same thing at the Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island.

Also this year, Swift made headlines after surprising a fan by attending her bridal shower. “Can’t believe [she] showed up,” wrote Gena Gabrielle on Instagram after the singer’s unexpected appearance at the event. Gabrielle says she had invited Swift to the shower, but had never imagined that the singer would show up.

An all-around class act, we’d say.

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