Taylor Swift Details Wild Escapade During Bridesmaid Speech

Leaked video from the reception shows the star telling quite the tale.

Taylor Swift fans are familiar with the singer’s impressive wedding speech skills. Last year, she made guests swoon when she toasted her best friend, Britany LaManna (formerly Maack), while serving as maid of honor.

The pop star was at it again over the holiday weekend, only this time she was a bridesmaid to her high school best friend Abigail Anderson at the wedding on Martha’s Vineyard.

While fans were disappointed that they didn’t get to see Swift exit the church, they can witness her toast the bride and groom in the short video below. 

The clip, posted to a fan page’s Instagram account, showed Swift detailing some wild encounter as guests and the happy couple laughed.

“There’s falling, there’s stumbling,” Swift said. “They make it to the bathroom and I hear sounds that I can never un-hear.” 

The video left viewers with quite the cliff-hanger. Like everything the “Ready For It” singer has done lately, the rest of the speech remains a mystery.



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