Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Give Each Other Predictably Adorable Anniversary Gifts

Today is a fairy tale.

For Taylor Swift, pretty much every day is a fairy tale, so what is a DJ boyfriend to do when an anniversary rolls around? Go for gold. 

TSwift and Calvin Harris celebrated their first year as a couple together on Sunday by exchanging anniversary gifts that are so damn cute, our single selves are struggling to make it through this post. 

The "Out of the Woods" singer posted a picture of a golden locket on Instagram to celebrate the occasion with the date March 6, 2015, engraved on the front. "One year down!" she captioned the photo. 

3.6.15 One year down! ❤️

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If there's anything that could convince us Harris is the right man for Swift, it's this locket. Does it not just scream everything Taylor Swift? It's super romantic and looks adorably vintage, so we're pretty sure her next song is going to rely on some heavy locket imagery. 

Harris also shared a Snapchat featuring a presumably homemade cake decorated with hearts and icing that reads "1 Year." In the video, the Scottish DJ first shows off the culinary confection and then pans to Swift, while remarking, "One year. We've got a one-year cake."

Swift and Harris' relationship can be traced back to the 2015 Brit Awards, but the two didn't go public with their love story until May of last year. We've got a feeling this won't be the last anniversary for these two. Now onto the next chapter!

And we'll just be over here like ...  



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