A List Of Possible Places Taylor Swift Is Taking Her Cat (UPDATE)

On more than one occasion, Taylor Swift has stepped out of her $20 million fortress Tribeca apartment and onto the streets of New York City, looking vaguely like a Bond villain, clutching her fluffy white cat -- Olivia Benson -- in one arm.

On Tuesday, Gawker wondered, "Where does Taylor Swift take the cat?"

Frankly, it's a question that needed to be asked. And while we don't have concrete answers, we still have a list of possible places Taylor Swift is taking Olivia:

  1. The vet

  • Lena Dunham's house
  • ModelFIT
  • A clandestine cat cafe
  • Record label meeting
  • The set of "Law & Order: SVU"
  • Cat daycare
  • Drunk brunch
  • Starbucks for their first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season
  • UPDATE: Swift recently explained to "Access Hollywood" why she's been spotted toting Olivia Benson around with her.

    "The kitten freaks out about being put in the cat carrier. So I was just like, 'OK, all right, we're gonna just do this! It was like a 10 foot walk from my door to the car," she explained. "What I thought was funny about those pictures is that, like, the cat is looking straight at the cameras."

    Still no word on exactly where she's taking the cat.

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