Taylor Swift's New Song For 'Cats' Is An Absolute Showstopper

The pop star flexes her chops, and a hint of an English accent, in "Beautiful Ghosts."


Taylor Swift released a showstopping new song for the “Cats” movie late Thursday. It’s called “Beautiful Ghosts” and it’s hauntingly gorgeous.

In a number about love, loneliness and loss with just the London skyline as the background of the lyric video, Swift sings in the chorus:

All that I wanted was to be wanted
Too young to wander London streets, alone and haunted
Born into nothing
At least you have something, something to cling to
Visions of dazzling rooms I’ll never get let into
And the memories were lost long ago
But at least you have beautiful ghosts

The “Shake It Off” performer also showed hints of an English accent in “Beautiful Ghosts,” which she co-wrote with “Cats” composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

It should be noted that Swift’s character, Bombalurina, won’t be singing the song in the film. That honor will go to Francesca Hayward’s Victoria and Judi Dench’s Old Deuteronomy, Vulture reported. Swift will be heard over the credits.

The movie opens Dec. 20.

While Swift’s continued feud with ex-label boss Scott Borchetta and music manager Scooter Braun made headlines on Thursday, her breathtaking contribution to a classic musical won lots of deserved attention Friday. (She also took a ribbing for the accent.)

“Do we smell an Oscar in her future?!” MTV News tweeted.

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