Taylor Swift Beats The Heat In A Crop Top And Thigh-High Slit

Another day, another outfit that proves Taylor Swift is the queen of summer style.

Swift managed to dress for the heat yet still look cool in a polka-dot crop top and high-slit skirt as she stepped out in New York on July 7. The 24-year-old's look had a vintage vibe to it, with her signature red lips and modest slingback heels:


t swift2

Swift recently wrote a blog post about the future of the music industry, published on the Wall Street Journal's website. In the post, Swift touches on life in the celebrity spotlight.

"I predict that some things will never change. There will always be an increasing fixation on the private lives of musicians, especially the younger ones. Artists who were at their commercial peak in the '70s, '80s and '90s tell me, 'It was never this crazy for us back then!'" she wrote.

Swift continued, "I suspect I'll be saying that same thing to younger artists someday (God help them). There continues to be a bad girl vs. good girl/clean-cut vs. sexy debate, and for as long as those labels exist, I just hope there will be contenders on both sides. Everyone needs someone to relate to."



Taylor Swift