19-Year-Old Taylor Swift: 'I've Never Been A Boyfriend Girl'

"I'm better single."

Everyone’s got something to say about Taylor Swift’s dating life. Even 19-year-old Taylor Swift.

In October of 2009 ― before Swift’s relationships became such a constant source of public speculation ― the young singer appeared on an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and opened up about her love life. Though Swift was rumored to be dating actor Taylor Lautner at the time, she spoke in generalities, explaining her usual approach to romance.

“For me, I’ve never been a boyfriend girl, where I’ve always got a boyfriend,” Swift said. “As far as relationships, that’s me making an exception.”

Since that appearance, Swift has been linked to some of Hollywood’s most famous entertainers, including John Mayer, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and, more recently, Tom Hiddleston. She’s been pretty open about how her past boyfriends have inspired lyrics in her hit songs, but Swift admitted to Oprah seven years ago that coupledom didn’t seem like her thing.

“I’m better single, I think,” she said.

After all, Swift continued, her career was her main focus.

“It’s kind of busy!” she said. “But I feel like if I were to meet the right person, I would make time for it.”

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