Taylor Swift Drops In On Engagement Celebration And Serenades Couple

Pop star Taylor Swift surprises party guests with a rendition of "King of My Heart."

Alexander Goldschmidt had a big surprise Saturday for his fiancé, Ross Girard, and the guests at their engagement party, and the moment was captured on video. 

Goldschmidt told the group gathered at the Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood: “There was a person who ... sort of played a part in all of this. So I would like to welcome, and you to give a warm welcome to, my friend Taylor.”

With that pop star Taylor Swift walked in carrying her guitar.

She explained that Goldschmidt had emailed her and told her that her song ‘King of My Heart’ was very special to him and Girard.

“I’ve been off tour for a while but hopefully it’s still all right,” Swift said. “This is from Alex. It’s sung by me, but it’s from Alex.”

She then serenaded the couple with their special tune.

Check out the video above.