Taylor Swift Falling On A Treadmill Is So Good We Don't Care If It's A Real Ad Or Not

BRB watching on repeat.

It's April 1, which means you have to be suspect of everyone and everything. As a rule, you just can't trust the validity of anything you see on the Internet. But in this case, it doesn't matter. 

Early Friday morning, Taylor Swift woke up and tweeted out an ad for Apple Music, in which she raps along to Drake and Future's "Jumpman" while running. That in itself is pure comedy, but make sure to watch to the 47-second mark when Swift wipes out.  

You can't not laugh at that.

But back to the fact it's April Fools' Day. The ad is incredibly well-produced and we really have no reason to believe it's not real other than the fact that it was released on April 1. 

But again, it doesn't really matter: 



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