Taylor Swift Fan Sums Up The Singer's Career In Awesome Domino-Effect


Taylor Swift fans, better known as "Swifties," do a lot of cool things to show their admiration for the pop singer. But Brian Amici (in photo below), 18, may have just topped them all with a video detailing Swift's career in a series of domino setups.

On Amici's YouTube account, "petmagnetetal," he posts videos of his elaborate domino arrangements and then films them as they knock each other over, one after the next. It sounds awfully simple, but it's mesmerizing to watch.

Ely Mazmanian

"It's hard to say exactly how long I spent working on it," Amici told the Huffington Post about the domino Swift video. "I would estimate I spent around 4-5 hours per day for a week straight. In the end however, all the time was well spent."

In addition to once holding the Guinness World Record for Tallest Domino Structure, Brian says he's been a big fan of Swift since 2011. "I finally decided that I would show her just how much I appreciate her by creating this video, because she has had such a huge, positive impact on my life," he said.

While the toppling dominos looks like a continuous chain reaction, Amici said that this is an illusion. "I would film a clip, clean up, build the next clip, film, etc. until I had all the clips I needed, then I edited them all together," he said.

The domino tribute video even earned him a nod from the superstar on Tuesday after she tweeted the following on Twitter:

Having caught her attention, Amici might be one step closer to his dream of meeting the singer.

Check out the video to see Swift's biggest hits come to life in the ultimate domino-effect!


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