The Best Gifts For The Taylor Swift Fan In Your Life

These thoughtful items will thrill anyone who has listened to "Red (Taylor's Version)" on repeat.
This is how your friends or family will feel when they get one of these Taylor Swift-themed gifts.
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This is how your friends or family will feel when they get one of these Taylor Swift-themed gifts.

If you’ve ever heard a loved one obsess over hidden Easter eggs on Taylor Swift’s social media, talk about a certain record label with utter disgust or lament about how the song “Cruel Summer” should have been a single, you’ve come to the right place for gifts. (Also, can we be friends with them?)

Nothing shows your love like allowing a Swiftie to fully express themselves. Whether they want to be the singer or just rep their love for her, your loved ones will adore the gifts below. Add ’em to your cart “faster than a green light, go” and prove to your friend or family member that you know them “all too well.”

A red scarf
We can't talk about Swift without acknowledging her most iconic storytelling device: The scarf in "All Too Well." Your Swiftie will adore wearing this red cashmere scarf all winter as they play the 10-minute version of the song on repeat.

Get it from UNIQLO for $49.90. You can also purchase an "All Too Well"-themed scarf for $35 from Swift's website.
A luxurious candle
Rumor has it that eagle-eyed (and nosed) fans who were blessed enough to be invited to one of Swift's secret sessions for her "Lover" album — where Swift hosted an intimate gathering at her home — noticed that she had Le Labo's Santal 26 candles burning. This aromatic candle is filled with notes of amber, vanilla, cocoa, cedar, sandalwood and more and just screams cozy.

Get one from Nordstrom for $78.
A mug that says it all
Queue up Swift's saddest songs ("All Too Well," of course, along with "Soon You'll Get Better") and gift this mug from the shop Drippedinrose on Etsy. Your loved one will thank you through their tears.

Get it from Etsy for $15.99.
A record player
Chances are your Swiftie will instantly think of lyrics in "We Are Never Getting Back Together" when they open this. The slim, modern design of this Crosley UO Exclusive Ryder Bluetooth record player will fit with any decor. It also allows you to stream music digitally.

Get one from Urban Outfitters for $89.
Vinyl records
Don't forget to get records to go along with the player. If your loved one is just starting their collection, might we suggest the album "Fearless (Taylor's Version)"?

Get it from Target for $39.99.
The perfect champagne glass
Any Swiftie who enjoys belting the lyrics to the bridge of "Champagne Problems" needs this flute from the CoruscantCrafts store on Etsy. You can get it either stemless or with a stem.

Get one from Etsy for $10.
A stylish plaid shirt
Now your Swiftie can wear a plaid shirt while singing about plaid shirt days and nights during their 100th listen of "All Too Well." This popular Madewell flannel Sunday shirt is perfectly oversized and comes in a few colors.

Get it from Madewell for $88.
As any Swiftie knows, the singer loves games. Back when she was teasing her "Lover" album, Swift posted a picture of her playing Scrabble with her mom on Instagram. Recreate the photo — or just play the game — with this deluxe edition.

Get it from Amazon for $42.99.
A well-designed lyrics poster
This minimalist poster from SaraCristinaDesign on Etsy will let your Swiftie display their favorite song with pride. It's completely customizable, so you can use their favorite Swift lyrics or quote. The shop offers three different print options and tons of sizes.

Get it from Etsy starting at $21.28.
A nice bakeware set
Swift loves to bake (try her favorite holiday chai sugar cookies; they'll change your life). Give your Swiftie all the tools they'll need to bake the cookies at home with this six-piece bakeware set from Crate & Barrel. The color blue is also a common theme in Swift’s music, so bonus if you go with the slate shade.

Get a set from Crate & Barrel for $79.95.
Red lipstick
Swift’s bold red lip is as about as notorious as her songs. For your Swiftie friend who is into beauty, try gifting some products that could help them achieve her signature look. MAC’s retro matte lipstick in Ruby's Crew or the NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Cruella are popular shades. Your loved one will never go out of style with one (or both) of these lip products.

Get MAC’s Retro Matte Lipstick for $21 or the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil for $27.
Meaningful bracelets
One of Swift's most-romantic (and highly underrated) songs is "Invisible String" off her "Folklore" album. Give your partner — or BFF! — an invisible string of their own so they're always tied to you. This delicate set from the shop ArtistrybyKES on Etsy comes in two sizes and has a magnetic fixture that connects to the other bracelet.

Get a set from Etsy for $10.
A practical gift card with a hidden joke
This one is for all the "Starbucks lovers" ― not the long list of ex-lovers ― Swift fans in your life. (They'll probably get that joke.) A Starbucks gift card is a perfect, universal gift, and it also gives your loved one a chance to order "Taylor's drink" off the menu (a nonfat caramel latte).

Get a card from Walmart for $15.
A sweatshirt that let's everyone know what's up
Swifties can show off their pride with this adorable varsity sweatshirt from ConsciousCoStudio on Etsy. It comes in either black, white or gray and goes up to a size 3XL.

Get one from Etsy for $28.12.
A decorative song plaque
Want something super personal? Put your loved one's favorite Swift song, along with a photo, on a decorative plaque. This makes a great gift for couples who just got married and used one of Swift's tunes as their wedding song, or for a Swiftie friend with a photo of the two of you (pro tip: use the song "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"). It even comes printed with a QR code so your loved one can scan it and listen anytime they want.

Get it from Etsy starting at $55.99.
An extremely-topical keychain
Shoutout to anyone whose jaws dropped when they got to this line in the 10-minute version of "All Too Well." Swift quickly added this iconic F*ck The Patriarchy leather keychain to her store after the release; it's the perfect accessory for any Swiftie.

Get it from for $20.

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