Taylor Swift Counts Googling Herself & Getting Arrested Among Biggest Fears

Everyone is different and everyone has that one thing that strikes fear in his or her heart.

For some it's the threat of being vomited on from the balcony when sitting in the orchestra section while at a play, and for others, such as Taylor Swift, it's typing her name into the Google search bar.

Marie Claire magazine had the 23-year-old songstress complete their "What's On" questionnaire, in which we learned Swift's top five biggest fears include:

1. Sea urchins 2. Googling myself 3. Earwigs 4. Cynics 5. Getting arrested

It's an interesting list, and Swift truly seems concerned about getting arrested. She's brought it up in past interviews and she just lost it when Justin Bieber convinced her to set fireworks off from a waterfront balcony, and made her believe she started a huge fire on a nearby boat -- all of which was a prank for an episode of MTV's "Punk'd."

"You know I had serious nightmares where I'd wake up in the middle of the night for, like, three weeks after that? I really thought that was it for me. I was thinking, 'Justin is 17, so he's going to juvie, but I'm going to big-girl prison," Swift told Rolling Stone magazine in October 2012.

While some of Swift's other fears are very relateable -- earwigs for example-- she's also spoken at length about her fear of Googling herself.

"I don't have thick skin. If somebody says something mean, it will hurt my feelings. Anything bad that I read about myself, I'm just like … [fakes sobbing]," she told CMT in September 2011. "No, you can't Google yourself or your self esteem will just go like that," she said, making a motion with her hand downward.

Other things we learned from Swift's very educational questionnaire with Marie Claire magazine: getting a college degree "somehow, someway" is on her bucket list, and what is her biggest regret, you ask?

"Every one of my regrets has produced a song I'm proud of," she said.

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