Taylor Swift Grammys 2013 Gifs: Her Best (And Most Annoying) Moments

Taylor Swift's Most Awkward (And Annoying) Grammy Moments

Most of music's biggest stars graced the Grammy Awards last night, but all eyes were on Taylor Swift.

Yes, she looked beautiful and yes, she won a Grammy for her "Hunger Games" tune "Safe & Sound," but it was her awkward, annoying, please just stop moments that kept us entertained and thoroughly aggravated throughout the show.

Take this moment for instance ... She sure does

Or when she called out Harry Styles while performing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" onstage.

And we also enjoyed watching her sing along to a Bob Marley tune.

Bob Marley and the Lumineers have some competition though, Taylor obviously loves Mumford & Sons too.

And girl just wants to have fun.!

But we give her props for not complaining when Ryan Seacrest hit her in the face with his mike.

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