Taylor Swift Doesn't Seem To Know Who Grimace Is And It's McShocking

The superstar revealed a pop culture blind spot in a "Box of Lies" game with Jimmy Fallon.

Has pop stardom shielded Taylor Swift from McDonald’s advertising?

The “Shake It Off” singer won’t easily shake off her appearance on “The Tonight Show” Thursday after she didn’t seem to recognize Grimace, the fast-food chain’s iconic advertising character. (Watch the video above.)

Swift, who was on to plug her album “Red (Taylor’s Version)” and an appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” played “Box of Lies” with host Jimmy Fallon when the shocking truth emerged.

In the game, Swift and Fallon described random objects they pull out of a box and the other player must decide whether the player is telling the truth.

It was Swift’s turn and she pulled out a faux memoir by Grimace. Of course arguments still rage about what Grimace is exactly. It’s possible the furry character might even be an enormous tastebud.

But many people who have owned a television are generally aware that the dim, purple pal of Ronald McDonald has helped the Golden Arches sell a lot of fast food. (Even if Grimace’s Madison Avenue heyday has passed.)

“It looks like a biography written by a fuzzy monster with seal hands,” Swift began. “It says it’s written by Grimace. Is that a spokesperson for something?”

“You’re very young Taylor. But yes, Grimace is giant,” Fallon replied. “You don’t know really what Grimace was?”

Anyway, Fallon guessed that Swift was telling the truth about her object. But the takeaway here is that Swift couldn’t identify Grimace.

We’re gonna need a Happy Meal to recover.

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