Taylor Swift, Jared Leto Romance Rumors Start To Fly After Golden Globes Party

Like most dating rumors in Hollywood, rumblings that Taylor Swift and Jared Leto were making googly eyes at one another started with nothing more than an innocent photo.

Swift, 24, and Leto, 42, were spotted briefly conversing at the InStyle And Warner Bros. party after Leto nabbed the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor on Jan. 12.

The pair chatted in close proximity to one another at the crowded bash, which in tabloid-speak translates to "flirting" and "cozying up."

The Daily Beast's Marlow Stern snapped a photo of Leto whispering into Swift's ear, which is swiftly making the round. While the two do indeed look cozy, the reality of the encounter is something entirely different. Stern wrote that Swift spent most of the night being introduced to a "line of stars," and that after Leto whispered into her ear, he handed her his trophy and shouted, "This is f--king crazy."

While that doesn't exactly sound like sweet nothings to us, upping the ante of romance rumors is Leto's own Instagram photo of he and Swift at the party, which he captioned, "Me. Taylor Swift. Golden Globes. xo."



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