John Boehner Just Gave Everyone A Gift -- In The Form Of Taylor Swift GIFs

Reporters received an unexpected surprise from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in their inboxes Friday morning.

"12 Taylor Swift GIFs for you" read the subject line of an email that went on to address President Barack Obama's recent community college proposal.

The email is broken down into 12 statements, each with an accompanying Swift GIF (plus a bonus GIF at the end).

"Turns out … when President Obama said 'free' what he meant was '60 Billion dollars over 10 years.' Not even all the Taylor Swift album sales in the world would cover that bill," one reads, with an accompanying GIF of a confused-looking Swift.

A shot of Swift shaking her hips follows with: "Still, 60 billion dollars is a lot of money ... you can't just shake it off."

We're waiting to see if the White House responds with its own set of arguments via Kanye West.



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