Taylor Swift, Katy Perry And John Mayer Attended Drake's Party And All Hell Didn't Break Loose

No bad blood here.

Dear John (Mayer), 

Speak now if you attended Drake’s 30th birthday party knowing your ex-girlfriends Katy Perry and Taylor Swift would both be there, because if so, you’re one brave man. 

The exes all gathered together at Delilah Los Angeles for the rapper’s birthday over the weekend, apparently shaking off their storied, complicated history.

Swift briefly dated Mayer in 2010, before penning a famous song about him (which he later admitted “really humiliated” him). Mayer then went on to date Perry (who has feuded with Swift for what seems like decades) on-and-off for a few years. 

All three posed for individual pictures at the party with fellow guest Young Beardo. Swift ― who rolled up with her trusty squad, of course ― looked like every girl ever at a club, with dollar bills peeking out of her crop top. Speaking from personal experience, we’re betting her cell phone was probably in there, too. 

Keepin it swift for #drizzy bday This aint a love song yo @taylorswift #taylorswift

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Between 2 beards @katyperry #happybirthday #drizzy

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Good times !! @johnmayer #happybirthday aubrey @champagnepapi

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You know Swift is all like, “I would like to be excluded from this narrative” right now. 



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