Taylor Swift Could Appear On 'Law & Order: SVU'


We could never have predicted that Taylor Swift singing "You Oughta Know" with Alanis Morissette would not be her most exciting news of the month. 

But alas, while speaking with Entertainment Tonight, "Law and Order: SVU" star Mariska Hargitay teased that the pop star may make a guest appearance on the show. 

 "We just talked about it,” Hargitay said, when asked about the possibility. “We’re going to wait until the end of the [1989 World] tour to see how it goes. But it’s in the air.” 

In case you've been living under a squadless rock, Swift (along with most living humans) is a very huge fan of Hargitay. She recently named her cat after the actress' "SVU" character, Olivia Benson, and invited Hargitay to appear in her "Bad Blood" music video and on stage during her 1989 tour. 

Even if the new alliance doesn't end up leading to a Swift "SVU" appearance, we at least already have some prime human Olivia hanging with cat Olivia footage for the ages. 

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