Taylor Swift's Music Has Amazing Impact On Teen Who Lost Her Memory

Taylor Swift's music has touched a lot of people, but maybe no one more so than North Carolina teen Charli Robertson.

Robertson, who was born with cerebral palsy, suffered a series of seizures in late 2012 that caused severe amnesia. “I didn’t know my own mother,” Robertson, a high school senior, recently told North Carolina’s FOX8 news. “I didn’t even know who anybody was.”

Doctors tried everything, according to her mother, Sheri Robertson, who said that “it got to a point I was wondering, was she ever going to come back?”

Robertson's condition took a turn for the better when her mother played Taylor Swift's 2010 song "Mean" at her bedside. Robertson perked up and started singing along. Recognizing the music seemed to jumpstart her recovery, and her memory returned by spring 2013.

Robertson has been writing letters hoping to get the singer's attention, and even recorded her own version of one of Swift's songs to show her gratitude. Asked what she would say to Swift, Robertson told FOX8, “Taylor, thank you is not enough.”

She'll soon get a chance. Local radio station 93.1 The Wolf scored Charli backstage passes for Swift's October show in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Read more about Robertson's story at the FOX8 website.



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