Please, Please Let These Taylor Swift Myspace Photos Be Real

We bet she was friends with Tom.
Myspace-era Tay.
Myspace-era Tay.

Before she ruled the Top 40 and had a squad full of models, Taylor Swift was your average Pennsylvanian teen who commented on her friend's awesome cleavage and threw out a few expletives on Myspace.

At least, that's what we got from these photos and comments that BuzzFeed mined on Tumblr, which may or may not be real. 

A lot of people also thought this was a photo of Swift from her ~emo~ high school days.

But, as BuzzFeed pointed out, it was actually from an appearance on "CSI." 

The comments captured from Swift's alleged Myspace are totally out of this world and very, very teenager-y. 

Some of her musings sound like future lyrics: "I don't want what I can get / I fucked up what I had so I shouldn't want it / I want what doesn't want me."

Catchy, right? 

"I am obsessed with you. If you look out your window and down the street about 200 yards, you may see a big white van parked on the street. I am inside the van with a telescope and computer. Just trying to catch a glimpse of kelsey dammmnnn morris." 


"Everyone watch Kelsey's scrolling pictures of her friends until you get to the one of shelby. Her boobs look AMAZING. hahahahahahah." 

"I'm Grant Motherfucking Wood. I do what I want and say the word 'durr.'" 

It appears Tay has swapped her 'space commenting skills for Tumblr, where she leaves heartfelt advice for fans and calls out trolls

Until Tay tells us the Myspace posts are real, we'll keep stalking her on Tumblr.   

The Huffington Post has reached out to Taylor Swift's reps and will update this post accordingly. 



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