Taylor Swift Explaining New York Vocabulary Is Beyond Cringeworthy

With her new song "Welcome To New York," the woman who has lived in NYC for less than a year is now qualified to give the low-down on the city to tourists and newcomers, because that makes sense.

One of Swift's duties as Global Welcome Ambassador was to participate in a series of such absolutely cringe-worthy videos.

Allow Swift, who originally hails from a Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (before moving to Nashville as a teen), to school you on the vocabulary native to The Big Apple. (No one calls it The Big Apple, but she doesn't tell you that.)

Let Taylor Swift define the word "bodega" for you. It's painful, because, as she says, "Bodega's are our friends." Also, permit Swift to define the word "stoop" for you because NYC GO doesn't have much faith in you, apparently.

Head over to NYC GO to watch Swift inform you of important NYC vocabulary, and assure you that "people are very friendly and there's also a lot of heart here. And it's easy to get around. People will help you if you ask for help."

Trust her she's done it.

Taylor Swift