Taylor Swift Brings 'No Its Becky' Meme To Life, Wins Internet

Taylor Swift Is In On The 'No Its Becky' Joke

Taylor Swift just became a bit more awesome thanks to one yellow shirt with three little words.

On Wednesday night, the 24-year-old headed back to her New York City apartment after dinner. She was wearing a plaid skirt, booties and a yellow T-shirt printed with the words "no its becky":

taylor swift

Fans went wild because the phrase references a Tumblr post favored by Swifties near and far:

On Thursday, Swift posted a Polaroid-style photo of herself wearing the shirt to her new Tumblr, with a nod to "1989," her upcoming album. "I'm kind of rethinking the album cover," she wrote.

And that is how you win the Internet, folks.

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