Calm Down, Taylor Swift Didn't Actually Leave Her Apartment In A Suitcase

Splash News is reportedly retracting the story, but it sparked some great jokes.

Seriously guys?

A caption from a photo service called Splash News had a lot of people under the impression that superstar Taylor Swift was carried out of her home in a massive suitcase.

On Monday, a screenshot of the captioned photo made the rounds, leading some fans to believe that Swift might have been “transported in a huge suitcase from her Tribecca apartment.” Splash News has since retracted the caption, because, well, this is one of the internet’s most obviously ridiculous ideas. 

“I literally just put the phone down from someone on Taylor’s camp,” a Splash representative told SPIN on Monday. “We’re having to actually retract that.”

This is what happens when you abandon your followers for months, Taylor. Their imaginations begin to run wild!

Swift has been absent from social media for most of 2017 ― the 27-year-old’s Instagram has been pretty barren since early February, save for a few posts supporting her album-releasing pals LordeSelena Gomez and HAIM, and her Twitter account has been quiet since January, except for a short statement after the Manchester attacks in May

Even though this suitcase story was clearly unbelievable from the start, people had a great time with it:

Listen, Swifty, just release a new album. Clearly we need something to distract us and “Shake It Off” isn’t working anymore.



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