Taylor Swift Partners with UPS

“What can brown do for you?” ... the now classic tagline from the iconic UPS (United Parcel Service) company, back at a time when the brand was looking to own “brown” as a key marketing asset. Brown logo, brown trucks, brown uniforms. “What can brown do for you?”

Which is exactly what Taylor Swift must be asking herself as she partners with UPS for the “delivery” of her new album “Reputation” this fall.

Brand partnerships for album releases are not new territory. Just think Pepsi and Madonna from back in the day. But partnering with a delivery company? In this the age of downloads?

When you’re looking to get people to buy actual physical albums and CDs, then it does make sense. Coupled with some exclusive photos and a sweepstakes, then there is some compelling motivation to buy and ship.

If it produces sales of physical units then Taylor is going to be happy. And if it refreshes the brand image of UPS then that’s a score that brand as well. Now that’s a partnership!

And perhaps a trend we’ll see more of.

Just for fun, here’s the video for the first single....

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