Incredible 'Bad Blood' Cover That Even Taylor Swift Is Freaking Out Over

Taylor Swift just had a major fangirl moment -- for a fan!

18-year-old Alessia Cara is certainly not the first fan to upload a cover of T. Swift's "Bad Blood," but she's the first to get a response like this.

Alessia, whose single "Here" has over 2 million views on YouTube, had a publicity boost from BBC Radio 1's Piano Sessions, through which she recorded the cover. Swift very promptly tweeted some very flattering praise for the rendition.

Needless to say, Alessia was extremely excited (who wouldn't be?!).

The "Blank Space" singer is known for initiating some pretty special interactions with fans.

She recently donated an astounding $50,000 to a young fan battling leukemia after seeing her YouTube post.

She also gave a male fan some advice about his outfit for prom, suggesting he opt for a classic tie over a bow tie:

The megastar attended a super fan's wedding:

And also gave free concert tickets to a fan who missed her show due to flight delays:

Swift, who is half of the entertainment industry's wealthiest couple, seems more concerned about fostering a good relationship with her fans than indulging in her riches, which is perhaps what we adore most about her.

It's no wonder Taylor Swift such a massive pack of loyal fans.



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