Taylor Swift Has A Long History Of Trying To Rap

Here Are All The Times Taylor Swift Tried To Rap

Taylor Swift released her new song,"Shake It Off," on Monday, and, while some see the video as offensive, others are focused on the fact that Swift raps in the new tune. Yes, that's right, she raps:

"My ex man brought his new girlfriend /She’s like, 'Oh my God' / But I’m just gonna shake / And to the fella over there with the hella good hair / Won’t you come on over, baby? / We could shake, shake."

Surprised? Well, it was really only a matter of time, as Swift has been dipping her baby toe in the proverbial rap pond for years now. Don't believe us? Check it out:

"Lose Yourself"
At 17, Taylor Swift attempted to cover Eminem's "Lose Yourself" live on "The Danger Show" in 2006.
"Thug Story" ft. T-Pain
This Auto-tuned collaboration between Swift and T-Pain was a skit for the 2009 CMT Music Awards that poked fun at Swift's good-girl image. She called herself T-Swizzle, and it was actually kind of adorable.
"Super Bass"
Taylor Swift rapped a verse of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" while stopping by Nashville radio station 107.5 The River in 2011.
"Lose Yourself"
Taylor tried "Lose Yourself" again at her Grand Rapids, Michigan, show in 2011.
"Shake It Off"
And, of course, Taylor's latest attempt ...

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