Taylor Swift Sends Love To A Fan After Emotional Tumblr Post

"Knowing your worth sometimes comes without any proof at all."

If there's one thing we've learned about Taylor Swift over the years it's that she loves her fans. Whenever a Swiftie is in need, the megastar will often swoop in like a fairy godmother offering everything from money to kind and inspiring words

That's exactly what she did this past weekend when a fan shared an emotional post on her Tumblr blog. On Thursday, user Stormie (who goes by protectingswift on the blogging site) wrote, "I’ve been feeling so alone lately and left out of everything and so terrified of school starting and being even more alone next week and knowing Taylor is there is really comforting."

To her surprise, the "Bad Blood" singer not only read the post but responded, giving Stormie some heartfelt advice.

"I hate that you're feeling that way and it's so hard not to dwell on our fears and doubts, because we want spoilers for how it's going to turn out," Swift wrote. "But in reality, we just have to go through life not knowing what's next." 

The performer continued, "Just when you think it's going to get worse, it could get better instead. It WILL." 

And since Stormie just couldn't contain her excitement, she shared Taylor's words with her Tumblr followers multiple times throughout the weekend. You can read the whole response (and Stormie's thanks) below:

As every Swiftie knows, Taylor loves connecting with and helping her fans however she can. In July, she sent one of her fans $1,989 to put towards her student loans (along with a bunch of other personalized gifts). She surprised another fan by showing up to her bridal shower back in April. And of course, she's always #taylurking on her social media sites looking for posts and photos she can respond to.

We've got to hand it to her: She really knows how to handle this whole celebrity thing. 

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