Taylor Swift Reveals The Bravest Thing She's Ever Done

TSwift took Vogue's "73 Questions" challenge.

Taylor Swift may seem like the picture of confidence, especially when she's up onstage, but even she, a mega pop star who's on top of the world, has self-doubts.

In her "73 Questions" video, which accompanies her recent Vogue cover and photo spread, the "Blank Space" singer admitted that the one thing she's brought with her from childhood to adulthood is her insecurities. 

But Swift shook off those insecurities when she penned her now-infamous letter to Apple, which she revealed was the bravest thing she's ever done. It was also the most spontaneous. 

Other things we learned about Swift from her video?

  • She keeps an MTV Moonman by her three coffee machines
  • She carries hand sanitizer spray for all those times she has to wait in line to wash her hands in public bathrooms
  • Her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, planted an olive tree in her yard
  • Her favorite cocktail is vodka and Diet Coke 
  • Yes, she Googles herself 
  • She's scared of Coachella
  • If she had a super power, it would be the ability to heal people

You can watch the entire video above. 



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