Taylor Swift Can't Recognize 'Shake It Off' In 'Tonight Show' Song Challenge

The singer was doing so well against Jimmy Fallon until this stunning moment.

Taylor Swift proved her musical knowledge Thursday in a “Name that Song” challenge against Jimmy Fallon ― until a shocking brain freeze derailed her. (Watch the video above.)

“The Tonight Show” game involves the players listening to notes of popular songs played by the Roots and attempting to buzz first with the correct guess.

Swift looked impressive in nailing numbers from Britney Spears to Nelly. But the final song threw her ― her own megahit “Shake It Off.” You know, the catchy one that has more than 2.8 billion views on YouTube.

Fallon buzzed in first with the song title, dealing a hilariously humiliating blow to his guest.

She may never shake it off.

Watch the fun above.