Taylor Swift Showed Up To Jury Duty Like A Normal Human Being

She performed her civic duty and took selfies with everyone.

Ever since Hiddleswift took over the internet and Kim Kardashian welcomed fans to the #KimExposedTaylorParty, Swift has been trying to keep a low profile.

But her cover was blown the second the singer showed up to jury duty Monday morning in Nashville and potential jurors freaked the f**k out. And thanks to hero Tracy Bates, a “Licensed Instructor of Criminal Justice” according to her Twitter bio, we have pictures of the whole damn thing.

We’re hoping Olivia Benson, who’s close friends with Swift, comes through to help Tay out with this whole “Law & Order” thing if she ends up having to serve.

Tracy is also SO HERE to protect her girl Tay and newfound besties at jury duty:

But she’s also just content to take pictures of Swift in her natural state:

Tracy, who was busy tweeting and RT’ing articles on Twitter while photographing Taylor’s every move, also made sure to get herself an autograph:

The potential juror also delivered a straight BURN to the courtroom for their lack of “logic.” YES, Tracy, drag them!

For those wondering, a guide about serving on Nashville jury duty states that potential jurors are allowed to use their phones while in a jury assembly room, but must turn them off before entering a courtroom. Obviously, Tracy knows all this already.

See you in court, Tay (but probably not).

UPDATE: Taylor Swift has been dismissed as a prospective juror, according to TMZ.

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