Taylor Swift Hilariously Reacts To Accidentally Swallowing 'Delicious' Bug Onstage

The mishap occurred on Swift's third night performing at Soldier Field in Chicago for the Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift certainly had to shake it off after a bug unexpectedly flew into her mouth during a performance on her Eras Tour.

The gross moment happened Sunday night, prompting the pop star to momentarily pause her show at Soldier Field in Chicago in front of thousands of fans, as seen in videos shared on social media.

In one clip, the singer is seen covering her mouth to cough and turning her back on the crowd before telling fans in a strained voice: “I just swallowed a bug. I’m so sorry.”

As she was about to transition into her next song, she tried to brush off the blunder, apologizing again and shakily sharing that she would be “fine.”

“It’s just so stupid,” she said, shaking her head and attempting to cough up the pesky insect.

In typical Swift fashion, she didn’t let an unanticipated hiccup ruin the show. “Oh, delicious,” she joked of eating the bug, before asking the massive crowd of Swifties: “Is there any chance none of you saw that?”

“It’s fine, it’s all ... I’ve swallowed it. So I’m just gonna try not to do as many of those. This is gonna happen again tonight,” she continued with a laugh. “There’s so many bugs.”

Luckily for Swift, she seemingly didn’t have any more unwanted creepy crawlies show up during the show and was able to finish off her set sans coughing.

The unusual moment sparked many hilarious tweets from fans, with some Twitter users quipping that they wished they could have been the bug that became dinner for Swift.

Last month, the “Karma” crooner proved yet again that she will go to great lengths to keep her shows rolling along no matter what after she chose to perform in a hellish downpour until nearly 2 a.m.

The brave moment landed the singer heaps of praise on Twitter, with one user tweeting: “Taylor Swift performed her full set in a lot of rain until damn near 2am last night after 4 hours of a lightening delay? SHE IS BAD ASS. So are her fans.”

Swift is currently on her Eras Tour, which kicked off March 17. The U.S. leg of the tour will include 52 concerts and is set to wrap up in August in Los Angeles.

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