How To Get The Crazy-Expensive Sweatshirt From Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Cover

Highly anticipated new album not included.

If you have a reputation for dropping wads of cash on clothing that has purposely been destroyed, oh boy, have we got the sweatshirt for you.

Taylor Swift sent (snake) tongues wagging with the news that her new album, Reputation, would drop Nov. 10, with a single coming out on Thursday.

In an Instagram post, Swift is seen looking like the punk version of herself we saw at Coachella last year, wearing a distressed sweatshirt, a dark lip, a choker and slicked back hair.

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The sweatshirt was swiftly identified by Billboard as being by European designer Pinko, which still has three sizes of the sweatshirt in stock.

But before you pursue Swiftness and buy this sweatshirt, consider the bad blood you might have with your bank account as a result. The stone-washed cotton sweatshirt will set you back $405.

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