Taylor Swift Dresses As Adorable Teletubby In Halloween Throwback Photo

Laa-laa would be proud.

Taylor Swift has pretty much cornered the market on being adorable, but she really outdid herself with this one. 

The singer shared a throwback photo of her childhood Halloween costume on Instagram and it wasn't even Thursday. In the black-and-white photo, a much younger Swift smiles in a misshapen Teletubby costume

"When you dress as the yellow teletubby for Halloween, but it's before Teletubbies got huge so all the kids at school ask you why you're dressed as a yellow pregnant alien," she captioned the photo.

Swift, who has yet to reveal her costume for this year's festivities, has been busy circling the globe for her seemingly never-ending 1989 tour. 

Taylor Swift's concerts are like the "Law & Order" franchise -- almost every celebrity alive has made a guest appearance. On Tuesday, the pop star wowed Miami crowds with not one, not two, but three celebrity guests (Dwyane Wade, Pitbull and Ricky Martin).

Wade shared a photo of his new friend on Instagram after the show, which showed Swift proudly holding a Miami Heat jersey emblazoned with her favorite number, 13. 

We don't even need to say it, but we will anyways. #SquadGoals.


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