Taylor Swift Visits Young Cancer Patients At New York Hospital, Adds Smiles To Healing

Taylor Swift Brings Smiles To Patients At New York Cancer Center

Taylor Swift made the weekend a little brighter when she stopped by New York Hospital Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to pay a visit to young fans.

The singer was scheduled to spend an hour visiting the pediatric cancer floor, but wound up staying for nearly five. Patients, families and friends were amazed by Swift's kind nature and the time she took for each child.

The star stopped in to visit Shelby Huff, a young girl suffering from post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease, and stayed to talk for nearly 20 minutes. Huff's mother recalled the special day in a post on the Shelby's Journey With Very Severe Aplastic Anemia Facebook page.

Swift even suggested that they should snap a few photos.

Another post on Huff's Facebook page explained a special side effect of Swift's visit. According to her page, Huff explained the incident to her grandfather, saying, "But the nurse said, 'That's ok, everyone's blood pressure went up while we were waiting for her!'"

Swift was named the most charitable celebrity of 2013, and it looks as though she's continuing on her path to give back.

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