Taylor Swift's 'Ready For It' Channels 'Ghost In The Shell,' And People Aren't Happy

"No one asked for a 'Ghost in the Shell' sequel."

Twitter users did not hesitate to share their disdain for Taylor Swift’s “Ghost In The Shell”-esque music video for the single “Ready For It.”

The video for the song on Swift’s “Reputation” album dropped at midnight on Friday and has since been sparking controversy, specifically because of a scene in which Swift is rocking a nude bionic bodysuit, similar to the look Scarlett Johansson had in the contentious film “Ghost in the Shell.”

“Ghost in the Shell” was panned by critics after Johansson was cast in the role of Major Motoko Kusanagi, or “The Major,” who was originally a Japanese character in the anime and manga series on which the movie was based. The whitewashing didn’t bode well then, so, naturally, Swift being potentially inspired by the problematic film is ... an issue for some.

Here’s what tweeters had to say:

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