Mom Celebrates Halloween By Carving A Breastfeeding Jack-O'-Lantern

She calls it her “‘pump'kin.”

A Virginia mom’s jack-o’-lantern is getting people pumped up about breastfeeding.

Taylor Rose Tignor of Abingdon was carving pumpkins with her family on Friday when she decided to add a personal touch by making one of them a breastfeeding mother.

“I wanted to do something really creative,” she told Inside Edition.

I used tomatoes as the breasts and, of course, the little pumpkin for the baby,” she said. “I used part of the pump parts, and I used the pumpkin seeds and guts to put inside the bottle for the baby.”

Tignor is a big believer in breastfeeding, having breastfed her older son, Dominic, and now her 2-month-old son, Asher.

“I’m very, very adamant on breast-feeding,” Tignor told ABC News. “I don’t want to push it on people, but for those who do breast-feed, I wanted to normalize it while inspiring people to do something cool for Halloween.”

Tignor posted a pic of what she calls her “’pump’kin” on a Facebook page called Breastfeeding Mama Talk, and it quickly became a social media sensation.

Tignor said not everyone appreciated a nursing jack-o’-lantern, but she isn’t concerned.

“God put breasts on us for a reason,” she told Inside Edition. “I had mostly positive feedback and [people who are negative] can think what they want.”

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