TCU's Kappa Sigma Fraternity Investigated In Drunken Branding: Amon Carter IV's 'Butt Cheek Destroyed'

Texas Christian University's Kappa Sigma fraternity is under investigation for the branding fraternity members allegedly delivered to one of their own during a drunken ski trip.

According to Fort Worth's Star-Telegram, Amon G. "Chance" Carter IV, 20, suffered second and third-degree burns when fraternity members used a hot coathanger to brand him with the group's Greek letters. Carter, the great-grandson of the Star Telegram's founder, gave permission for the group to finish a branding he received the year before, but he was passed out for the rest of the incident. He will require plastic surgery to repair the damage. The Star-Telegram reports:

...fraternity brothers, Carter said, took things too far. Not only did they complete the brand, they also branded large triangles -- the Greek symbol for Tri Delta Sorority -- on his other buttock while he was passed out.

"I woke up the next morning and I was in a lot of pain," Carter said. "My whole other butt cheek was destroyed."

Carter said no one will tell him exactly what happened the night of Jan. 8 or who was responsible.

WFAA-TV reports that TCU is investigating the incident and that Breckenridge Police are trying to contact Carter's family. Carter's family has also hired an attorney to investigate.

Carter's family is one of the most prominent families in Fort Worth. The university's stadium is named after Carter's great grandfather.