This Tea Bag Trick For Broken Nails Will Blow Your Mind

We're spilling the tea on this amazing trick.

Breaking a nail isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s definitely one of the most annoying beauty mishaps. You’ve likely just filed the nail down or covered it with clear nail polish, but this remedy using a tea bag blows those fixes out of the water.

This amazing trick has been around for quite a while, but a new video posted to the Facebook page Eyeliner Addict renewed our faith in using a tea bag and clear polish to make that pointy, uncomfortable nail look good as new.

How does it work? Cut a small strip of a dry tea bag to fit over your nail. Paint on a base coat, adhere the strip to your nail, paint another coat of clear polish over the top and file down the excess bag when it’s dried. After gently buffing the nail and putting on a coat of polish, voila! You’ve got this in the (tea) bag.

Check out the mind-blowing tutorial above and never look at your morning cup of tea the same way again.