"Second Amendment Solutions": Why Everyone MUST Vote

The notion that America is turning to the right is a fraud perpetratedby the right, pushed by Republicans, repeated like parrots by the mainstreammedia. If everybody votes, Democrats win.
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America is concluding the first election in history where
the winners could be a Republican Party dominated by goons who beat up
political opponents at campaign events, handcuff reporters at public meetings,
shout down members of Congress while pointing guns at them at town meetings,
dress up like the Nazi Waffen SS as a Republican candidate for Congress
regularly does, and threaten to wallpaper the White House with subpoenas and
restore a new age of McCarthyism if they win control of the Congress.

I am not referring to isolated right wing bloggers or
even right wing talk show hosts whose attacks lead to death threats and
criminal attacks against patriotic Americans they publicly demean.

I am referring to Republican candidates for high
office on the ballot today, would-be Republican committee chairmen in a
Republican Congress, and Republican leaders who foment the politics of hate and
kowtow to rightist elements who are far outside the mainstream of American

In a new Washington Post ABC poll, if the election were
decided by registered voters, the Democrats would win by substantial margin of
49-44%. The notion that America is turning to the right is a fraud perpetrated
by the right, pushed by Republicans, repeated like parrots by the mainstream
media. If everybody votes, Democrats win.

That is real the fact. Anything else is the big
lie, no matter how often it is repeated by every pundit.

In the Washington Post poll, if the election is decided
by likely voters, Republicans win 49-45. In short, the election would not
be won by Republicans, but lost by Democrats, liberals, and moderates who do
not vote.

Everyone must vote. The stakes are enormous.

The outcome is far from certain even if every smartass
insider tells you otherwise. All they do is talk to each other and
predict yesterday's news. Everyone must vote. You can make tomorrow's news.

Something is happening in America, and it must be
stopped. It was Sharron Angle, Republican opponent of Sen. Harry Reid,
who said it straight:

Angle said that America's problems may need Second
Amendment remedies. She means, not even in code, solving political issues
by using guns against political opponents.

The Republican candidate for Senator from Kentucky has
supporters who pin down, beat up, and put their boots on the face of a young
women. The Republican candidate for Senator from Alaska hires private militia
to handcuff a writer. The Republican candidate for governor of New York
starts a virtual fistfight with a reporter and threatens to "take
him out". A Republican candidate for Congress from Ohio who dresses
up like the Nazi Waffen SS.

Just watch:

The former Republican Speaker of the House accuses
Democrats of being unpatriotic, communists, and friendly to Islamic terrorists.
The man who would be chairman of the House Investigations Committee promises a
Nixonian abuse of power if Republicans win, pledging to abuse the subpoena power
to persecute the President, White House staff, Democrats, and their friends and

They run television ads with black and brown faces in the
most demeaning and offensive ways, appealing to bigotry. They run ads
trying to make white voters afraid of Hispanics, while they run ads
telling Hispanics
not to vote.

In the U.S. Senate they literally destroy the democratic
system by filibustering against every bill, in a direct attack against majority

Dozens of members of Congress have been shouted down at
town meetings by radical rightists brandishing guns pointed at elected
officials, using tactics reminiscent of a different country in a different era.

They hated Franklin Roosevelt. They hated Jack and Bobby
Kennedy. They hate Jimmy Carter. They hate Bill and Hillary
Clinton. They hate Al Gore. They hate Barack Obama and Harry Reid
and Nancy Pelosi. They hate Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray. They even
hate Admiral Joe Sestak, an American hero.

They hate you.

They hate me.

They do not believe we are political opponents, they
believe we are enemies of the state.

Do not give them subpoena power. Do not let them run

Thanks to Joseph
for preparing the video and Carolyn
for her assistance.

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