Tea Party Members To Protest MSNBC At Comcast Shareholders Meeting

The Comcast-owned MSNBC will be the subject of a protest next week at the cable giant's annual shareholders meeting in Philadelphia.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Tea Party group invited 60,000 activists to show up at the meeting to accuse the network of masquerading left-leaning propaganda as news.

It's unclear how many of those invited will actually show up, but the invitation sent to activists mentioned the hotly contested "Lean Forward" ad featuring MSNBC weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry. In the 30-second spot, Harris-Perry argued for greater government investment in the country's public education system by appealing to the notion of collective responsibility.

Sarah Palin called the ad "unflippingbelievable," while additional members of the conservative media piled on.

Rush Limbaugh said the ad was "as old as communist genocide," whereas Glenn Beck characterized the ad as, "My kids do not belong to me. My kids are not my kids. They’re the community kids."



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