Tea Party Patriots Get iPhone App

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Those who dismiss the Tea Party movement as a bunch of rednecks may be interested to know that the Tea Party Patriots now have a new iPhone app.

The application, "Tea Party Finder", was created by Ryan Ninneman and is available as a free download from the iPhone store. It debuted about a week after another Tea Party IPhone App, created by Politically mobile.

In a Wednesday email, Tea Party Patriots leaders Mark Meckler and JennyBeth Martin call the app "very cool" and "state of the art." At the moment, the app simply uses your location to find either nearby Tea Party groups (at least groups registered with Tea Party Patriots) or Tea Party events. Meckler and Martin say they'll be adding more features "soon".

The app does what it says on the box. After entering my current location, the app asks if you are searching for groups or for events. It then presents a handful of Tea Party groups in your area and pulls up an extensive list of nearby events, from weekly meetings to protests to Tax Day Tea Parties.

For whatever reason, the app's full name does not appear in the iPhone browser. It simply says: "Tea Pa...inder."

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