Students Say Adios To 'Cool' Spanish Teacher With Hilarious Video Montage

"I was unaware they were capturing my goofiness," said Señor Ward.

Andrew Ward's energetic greetings have turned him into an online star.

The Spanish teacher at Turner High School in Kansas City, Kansas, begins each class by walking into the room and declaring "buenos dias" to his students. What Ward didn't realize was that two of his seniors, Bella Gordillo and Taylor Rios, were secretly filming these extravagant entrances.

The students stitched footage of several of his salutations together and shared it with the class as an end-of-year surprise. Ward posted the heartwarming clip to Facebook on Wednesday and it's now going viral.

Watch the full montage here:

"I was unaware they were capturing my goofiness," Ward wrote on Facebook. "I realized after watching this — that I need to buy more shirts."

Ward only deviated from his standard phrase twice in the video, once to shout a "Star Wars" reference in Spanish and once to say the German phrase for good day (Guten tag).

Rios said they'd been covertly recording their teacher's greetings since March. 

"I was like, why don't we record it all fourth quarter and give it to him as a present at the end of the year?" she told BuzzFeed. "And Bella thought it was a great idea, so that's how it happened."

The video has now been viewed more than 200,000 times. "He's really cool," Rios told BuzzFeed. "He's like a friend, kind of, but an adult version."

Commenters praised Ward's enthusiasm, with one saying she'd have "stuck with Spanish" if he'd been her teacher. Another added, "When I win the lottery and I own my own school, you're hired!"