Teacher Appreciation: Share Why You're Thankful For Your Kids' Teachers (PHOTOS)

With summer vacation around the corner, Alison Slater Tate found herself thinking about how grateful she is for the role her kids' teachers play in their lives. At her son's fifth grade graduation, Tate said to his teacher "Thank you, Ms. W. Have a great summer." But there was a whole lot more that she wanted Ms. W to know.

In a blog post expressing those sentiments, Tate wrote, in part:

“Thank you for your sense of humor, for your eternal patience, and for the work you put into my child. Most of all, thank you for loving him when you didn't have to and for letting him be who he is.”

Ms. W is just one of the teachers we can’t thank enough. So we want to hear from you! Send us pictures of your kids with their favorite teachers to parents@huffingtonpost.com and call attention to their wonderful work.

Thank You Teachers!