Coolest Teacher Ever Dyes Hair, Beard Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness After Losing Bet (VIDEO)

Meet The Coolest Teacher Ever

Now this is one colorful lesson.

As David (Robbie) Robinson’s high school students prepared to collect candy for the school’s annual trick-or-treating event, they decided to add an extra charitable component to the project, KREM reported. Robinson’s East Valley High School students in Spokane, Wash., asked their social studies teacher to dye his beard and hair pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month if they donated a considerable amount of sweets.

Their 64-year-old teacher agreed to do it –- if they collected 45 pounds of candy.

On Friday the teens arrived with 46 pounds of sweets and their committed instructor then went home and did his part.

pink hair

"Monday morning, I came in with a pink beard and pink hair," he told the New York Daily News. "I'm a man of my word."

Robinson said he feels particularly connected to the cause since his mother passed away from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 30 years ago.

"I believe that kids are the keys to success,” he told KSHB. “I believe that they will make the changes that are necessary in the future, and everything that I can do to convince them, make them interested in school, make them try harder, I’m willing to do as an educator.”

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