Teacher Very Successfully Teaches Students About Internet Safety (PHOTO)

LOOK: We Think This Teacher Proved Her Point

Well, we think this teacher certainly got her point across.

This teacher is basically winning the Internet as the above photo continues to be making its way across the world and into viral territory. Over the course of the past few days alone, the photo has been shared at least 16,200 times on Facebook, and "liked" at least 607,400 times on Facebook.

Teaching young students about Internet security is certainly necessary these days. According to Reuters, while Facebook enforces an age minimum of 13 years old, as of 2012, there were 5.6 million Facebook users in violation of that rule. Many young kids also have Instagram, even though the social network has the same age minimum.

Ms. Genius Teacher, we want to find you! If anyone has information about who this is, please e-mail us at parents (at) huffingtonpost (dot) com.

UPDATE 11/27: We found her! Julie Culp is the school counselor who posted this photo on her own Facebook page where it has gotten 400,000 likes and counting. Stay tuned for more information about her awesome project.

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