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Teacher Accidentally Shows Personal Sex Tape To Arkansas Middle School Students

Middle school students in Little Rock, Ark. got an unexpected sex education lesson when their teacher accidentally showed a sex tape she had made with her fiance.

The teacher, whose named has not been released, inadvertently showed the erotica at Forest Heights Middle School on Wednesday, TV station KARK reported.

She later admitted making the video and said that it somehow got stuck in her lesson plans.

Nicolar Tolerson, whose son saw the video, is all hot and bothered by the incident.

"(My son) says she was performing sex acts," Tolerson told KARK-TV. "My heart goes out to not only my son, but other kids in the classroom."

The teacher called parents later in that day to apologize.

Tolerson accepts her apology, but is demanding accountability.

"I want something done. My concern is with [my son] being in that environment," he told

School leaders insist they are not taking this issue lightly. They say they are trying to found out how it happened and are working to find the appropriate disciplinary action, reports.

Oops! Accidental Porn