Teacher Shows Students How To Tie A Du-Rag Because Black Educators Are Golden

Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they rock du-rags.

First grade teacher Patrick Harris is so committed to his students, he even wants to ensure that their locks are well taken care of. 

In what has to be the most “aww”-inducing video to bless the internet this month, Harris, who is based in Washington D.C., is seen instructing a group of very engaged students on how to tie a du-rag to help keep their hair in place.

In the video, which was posted Wednesday, Harris gives first-hand instruction as he demonstrates how to wear the item to an inquisitive group of elementary school students. The video, which includes the hashtag #BlackHistoryMonth in its caption, has been shared over 22,000 times on Twitter. 

The beautiful video comes just a month after video went viral of 5th grade teacher Barry White, Jr. greeting each of his students in North Carolina with personalized handshakes that range from the dab to the milly rock. 

This is why the world needs black teachers. 



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